Ricky Fraser Fine Art

Ricky Fraser

Ricky Fraser is a Calgary Alberta based artist who has been creating art for over 20 years. Born in Calgary Alberta, and influenced by his parents at an early age to take an interest in art, Ricky began his passion for art at the age of 3 . Ricky's passion continued to grow through his schooling and the years past while experimenting with many different mediums and many different subjects from portraits and landscapes to large scale murals.


He currently works from his studio in Calgary. Art encompasses a great deal of Ricky's life and his passion shows through in the development of his styles the years. He creates art with any medium on any surface, but mostly Ricky uses oil and acrylic mediums for painting and particularly enjoys the subject of surrealism.


Ricky is currently developing a number of different series of acrylic and oil paintings. His surrealistic style focuses on the broad spectrum of human emotions, qualities and the subconscious, and takes the viewer to a dreamscape where the deepest parts of our humanity from the fragility to the creative beauty can be laid bare. His use of atmospheric color will guide the beholder to a more subtle and quieter place where emotion is created by colour and reflection.


Ricky Fraser's original pieces are available for purchase online at www.rickyfraser.com


As well, most of his artwork is available in limited runs of prints and geeclay reproductions. To purchase any of Ricky's work or for information on events and showings please contact him at art@rickyfraser.com


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